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Gun policy

Public health
New center merges gun violence research, policy, advocacy
Published March 30, 2022
Newly merged center to combine rigorous scientific research with public-policy advocacy expertise
JHU Center for Gun Policy and Research celebrates 25 years
Published March 8, 2021
In virtual symposium, the center announces commitment to racial equity and diversity in its mission and practices, a new endowed professorship, and a name change
Gun policy
Handgun purchaser licenses associated with lower firearm homicide, suicide rates
Published Aug 20, 2020
Comprehensive background checks alone were not associated with reduction in firearm-related deaths, according to Bloomberg School study
A focused approach to policing could reduce gun violence
Published June 15, 2020
Survey of residents in areas of Baltimore most affected by gun violence finds that "stop-and-search" policing isn't effective, erodes community trust in police; New report outlines recommendations
Gun policy
Firearm purchaser licensing laws linked to fewer fatal mass shootings
Published March 2, 2020
Laws that require in-person application or fingerprinting associated with fewer fatal mass shootings, new study finds
MSE Symposium
Fighting like a mother
Published Sept 26, 2019
Activist Shannon Watts, founder of the national nonprofit Moms Demand Action, discusses guns, elections, and the waning influence of the NRA during MSE Symposium event
JHU Press
Project MUSE provides free access to gun violence research
Published Aug 15, 2019
In wake of recent mass shootings in California, Texas, and Ohio, Project MUSE team assembles resources on understanding and preventing gun violence
Gun safety
Most gun owners unlikely to buy 'smart' guns
Published June 10, 2019
Survey finds that while 79% of gun owners support the sale of personalized weapons, only 18% are likely to buy them
Gun policy
Recommendations for reducing gun violence
Published March 4, 2019
New report outlines ways of implementing new policies and strengthening existing laws in Illinois
JHU plans open online course on gun violence prevention research
Published Dec 3, 2018
Center for Gun Policy and Research will also host summer program for high school students