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Foreign policy

Foreign policy
Lessons learned on and off the battlefield
Published Sept 29, 2017
David Petraeus, the retired four-star general who commanded coalition forces during the military surge in Iraq, speaks at SAIS
Arctic policy
As the ice breaks
Published Summer 2017
A massive territory-grab of underwater resources is taking place in the Arctic—but when it comes to staking its claim, America lags behind / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Sit rep
Published Summer 2017
A deep-dive into Eliot Cohen's 'thoughtful, carefully reasoned' book, 'The Big Stick' / Johns Hopkins Magazine
In memoriam
Visionary foreign policy expert Zbigniew Brzezinski dies at 89
Published May 30, 2017
SAIS professor of foreign policy served as Jimmy Carter's national security adviser
Challenges await South Korea's new leader
Published May 11, 2017
SAIS expert Eunjung Lim explores the difficult road ahead for newly elected President Moon Jae-in / The Conversation
An uphill battle in Russia meetings
Published April 12, 2017
Vali Nasr authors analysis of complex diplomatic dynamics in wake of Syria chemical attack / The Atlantic
Tectonic shifts in national security
Published April 5, 2017
In SAIS visit, former NSA, CIA director Gen. Michael Hayden discusses changes in global dynamics
Challenging Bannon's misguided worldview
Published Feb 28, 2017
New SAIS faculty member and foreign policy expert Antony Blinken says it's time to 'recapture the flag' from nationalists / Foreign Policy
Rudderless ship, feuding crew
Published Feb 14, 2017
In wake of Flynn's departure, Eliot Cohen conjures Captain Ahab in sharp assessment of White House operations to date / The Atlantic
Book review
An 'implicit critique' of Trump's worldview
Published Jan 4, 2017
Eliot Cohen's eighth book makes case for virtues of hard military power / The New York Times