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foreign policy

An uphill battle in Russia meetings
Published April 12, 2017
Vali Nasr authors analysis of complex diplomatic dynamics in wake of Syria chemical attack / The Atlantic
Tectonic shifts in national security
Published April 5, 2017
In SAIS visit, former NSA, CIA director Gen. Michael Hayden discusses changes in global dynamics
Challenging Bannon's misguided worldview
Published Feb 28, 2017
New SAIS faculty member and foreign policy expert Antony Blinken says it's time to 'recapture the flag' from nationalists / Foreign Policy
Rudderless ship, feuding crew
Published Feb 14, 2017
In wake of Flynn's departure, Eliot Cohen conjures Captain Ahab in sharp assessment of White House operations to date / The Atlantic
Book review
An 'implicit critique' of Trump's worldview
Published Jan 4, 2017
Eliot Cohen's eighth book makes case for virtues of hard military power / The New York Times
Best case, worst case
Published Nov 15, 2016
SAIS scholar, former acting CIA director John McLaughlin among policy, intelligence experts to weigh in on Trump presidency / Politico
An open letter to those anxious about Trump
Published Nov 14, 2016
SAIS professor, former State Department official Eliot A. Cohen discusses the election results / The American Interest
How world leaders are preparing for Trump
Published Nov 10, 2016
Foreign governments will take 'wait and see' approach, former acting CIA director John McLaughlin says / OZY
Foreign policy
A growing menace
Published Oct 27, 2016
Next U.S. president must confront threat of a nuclear North Korea, SAIS expert John McLaughlin writes
Italy's prime minister visits SAIS
Published Oct 24, 2016
Matteo Renzi says he will fight populism in Europe by investing in innovation, technology, culture