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Food flick
Documentary hits festivals, classrooms
Published Sept 21, 2017
'Food Frontiers,' produced by JHU's Center for a Livable Future, showcases food policy success stories
Off-campus cuisine
Fast-casual ramen comes to Charles Village
Published Sept 21, 2017
PekoPeko Ramen, which will feature Japanese comfort food, opens Feb. 2 near JHU's Homewood campus
Survey says ...
Food source findings
Published Sept 21, 2017
New U.S. dietary guidelines ignore broad support for sustainable agriculture practices
Vertical thinking
Farmers of the future
Published Sept 21, 2017
Urban agriculture startup founded by JHU students aims to bring 'vertical farming' to Baltimore
Edible Evergreen
How your garden grows
Published Sept 21, 2017
At Evergreen Museum & Library, five-part kitchen garden course teaches sustainable, hands-on growing
Food network
'Real' improvement
Published Sept 21, 2017
Partnerships with farmers, menu changes bring more local, sustainable food to campus, move university closer to goal
Dorm Cooking 101
Not your average Hopkins class
Published Sept 21, 2017
Junior Emily Hu, food blogger and aspiring nutritionist, shares and prepares simple recipes with fellow students in three-part Intersession course
Get real
JHU commits to local, sustainable food sources
Published Sept 21, 2017
Daniels signs Real Food Challenge, pledging at least 35 percent of food purchases will be local, sustainable, humane and fair-trade by 2020
Tasty Trio
All-natural A-list eateries
Published Sept 21, 2017
A glimpse inside the culinary mind behind JHU's Azafrán, Alkimia, and Acanto cafés / Baltimore Magazine
Fine dining
High marks for meal plan
Published Sept 21, 2017
Survey says JHU offers one of nation's best college dining experiences