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Evergreen museum

Inside out
Published Winter 2017
For his installation this past summer, Evergreen's artist-in-residence arranged scooters and dirt bikes among the fine art inside and painted designs on the lawn / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Hopkins history treasure hunt
Published Winter 2017
Dig a hole, crack a safe—You never know what will turn up from Hopkins' past / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Narratives as art
Published Dec 22, 2016
Evergreen exhibit features student-created artist's books, with a contemporary twist
Edible Evergreen
How your garden grows
Published April 7, 2015
At Evergreen Museum & Library, five-part kitchen garden course teaches sustainable, hands-on growing
An interview with Ji-Yong
Published March 13, 2014 Video
Classical pianist, Korean superstar performs Saturday as part of JHU's Evergreen concert series
An evolving museum
Published Nov 2013
Evergreen Museum exhibit shows off recent, promised gifts, including paintings by Louis Comfort Tiffany, Zelda Fitzgerald / Gazette
Four questions
For James Archer Abbott
Published Oct 2013
Director and curator of Evergreen Museum & Library on the future of museums, Evergreen's future, and ghosts / Gazette
Panel presentation
Reflecting on the past
Published June 2013
JHU's Evergreen Museum gives Loring Cornish's art 'a whole new life' / Gazette
Bovine inspiration
Published March 11, 2013
One of two new student-curated exhibit at Evergreen Museum features work of animal sculptor Herbert Haseltine
Curios at the Commons
Published Winter 2012 Photos
A visual bricolage of the university's intellectual diversity at the Brody Learning Commons / Johns Hopkins Magazine