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classical music

If music be the food
Concert series benefits Md. Food Bank
Published June 24, 2017
Peabody grad student Lior Willinger organized two-concert spring series, which begins March 1
Climate change composition
Published June 24, 2017
Peabody grad Andrew Posner tackles man-made environmental destruction in mournful composition
Classical music
Musical innovators
Published June 24, 2017
Peabody dean, three alums among 30 individuals named to Musical America's Professionals of the Year list
Classical music
Symphony Number One prepares to begin season two
Published June 24, 2017
Peabody graduate students, alumni power locally celebrated chamber orchestra
Precious cargo
Flight of the Gofriller
Published June 24, 2017
Famous cello gets first-class treatment on flight with Peabody musician Amit Peled
Student soloists
Published June 24, 2017
Three concerto competition winners to perform at HSO's season finale
Pushing against the rep
Published Spring 2016
Violinist Courtney Orlando didn't want to master the standard repertoire; she's forged a big career anyway / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Tree-trimming music
Something traditional
Published June 24, 2017
A playlist of Christmas favorites, plus a special eggnog recipe from the Peabody Archives
Nouveau jazz
And now for something completely different
Published June 24, 2017
Peabody trumpet instructor Joe Burgstaller presents playlist featuring avant-garde, nouveau classical jazz picks
Classical music
Peabody cellist honored
Published June 24, 2017
'Musical America' lists Amit Peled among top influencers in performing arts industry