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Estate stories
Published Summer 2018
Delury has a gift for devastating understatement and delicate moments in her debut novel, 'The Balcony' / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Violent nature
Published Summer 2018
This compact, heady book asks whether being human requires a capacity for violence that defines itself against nature / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Talking with J.D. Connor
Published Summer 2018
Hopkins alum dishes on the business of show business and why the stories Hollywood tells about itself matter / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Talking with Chris Lebron
Published Winter 2017
Philosophy professor talks teaching philosophy via a social movement, radical art, and James Baldwin's idea of love / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Carry a torch
Published Fall 2017
Monica Hesse's new book, 'American Fire' chronicles a couple's 2014 arson spree across Virginia's Eastern Shore, exploring not so much who committed these crimes, but why / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Published Fall 2017
When her dad has a heart attack, Alex, the put-upon daughter of a typically dysfunctional and affluent suburban New York City family, gets tasked with yet another thankless job / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Guarding Saddam
Published Fall 2017
Will Bardenwerper tells the stories of the young men whose service involved sharing Saddam Hussein's last few months as he waited to be put to death / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A simple invitation
Published Summer 2015
This 60-something page essay is an adaptation of the TEDx talk Adichie gave in 2012 / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Garden with lobsters
Published Summer 2015
Medieval how-to book Ask the Past is both comical and illuminating / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Lens crafters
Published Summer 2015
Eye of the Beholder acts like a meditation on sight and reads like an entertaining historical drama / Johns Hopkins Magazine