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Book review

A history of healing
Published Summer 2023
Kay Redfield Jamison discusses her latest book, which takes a nonlinear approach to cataloging the history of psychotherapy / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The artful mind
Published Summer 2023
In their new book, authors Susan Magsamen, founder and director of the International Arts + Mind Lab, and Ivy Ross contend that making and experiencing art can help us flourish / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Creative Writing
Self-help for movie monsters
Published Fall 2021
Kathy Flann wants to help movie monsters survive human attacks with her fourth book, an entertainingly preposterous collection of tips for werewolves, mummies, cyborgs, ghosts, and other movie monsters / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A seat at the table
Published Spring 2021
Reviewing Sociology Assistant Professor Christy Thornton's new book, 'Revolution in Development' / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Untold fight for voting rights
Published Winter 2020
Relearning history is rarely as engrossing as it is in historian Martha S. Jones' book, 'Vanguard' / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Rhythmical creations
Published Winter 2020
Alum Chris Mason's newest poetry collection 'Something Something Morning' exists in a "realm of profound sincerity," writes reviewer Bret McCabe / Johns Hopkins Magazine
A devastating debut novel
Published Fall 2020
Alum Megha Majumdar's debut novel tackles social status and Hindu nationalism in Kolkota / Johns Hopkins Magazine
In 'The Unexpected Spy,' read between the lines
Published Summer 2020
In The Unexpected Spy, alum Jessica Anya Blau tells the true story of Tracy Walder's transition from sorority house to undercover CIA agent / Johns Hopkins Magazine
What are you worth?
Published Summer 2020
In "Ultimate Price," author Howard Friedman explores the value we place on life / Johns Hopkins Magazine