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Book Review
A Baltimore story
Published Spring 2019
Antero Pietila crafts an invaluable examination of a city, a man, and the institution that bears his name / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Book Review
Westward ho
Published Spring 2019
Historian Mary Ryan's new book is a fascinating look at what two American cities can tell us about 19th-century urbanization / Johns Hopkins Magazine
21st-century picaresque
Published Winter 2018
Esi Edugyan's 'Washington Black' sketches a portrait of an artist as a young enslaved man fleeing bondage / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Transcending unbelonging
Published Winter 2018
Nicole Chung's memoir 'All You Can Ever Know' weaves a tale of adoption, family, and identity / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Clashing opinions
Published Winter 2018
'We Are the Clash' winds political history around the story of the band's final years / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Worth puzzling over
Published Fall 2018
Writing Seminars professor's newest poetry collection is at once esoteric, mischievous, playful, and obscure / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Raised in internment
Published Fall 2018
Young adult novel focuses on how global events irrevocably change young people already spinning in the tornadoes of adolescence / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Literary excision
Published Fall 2018
In her seventh collection of poems, alum Elizabeth Spires uses words with sparing potency / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Follow the money
Published Summer 2018
'Hollywood Math and Aftermath' is an original and illuminating exploration of commercial film and television production / Johns Hopkins Magazine
History of a demand
Published Winter 2017
In his recent book, Chris Lebron explores the political and philosophical ideas implicit in the modern Black Lives Matter movement / Johns Hopkins Magazine