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Cell biology
How old are your cells?
Published July 11, 2017
Determining cell age more accurately could help clinicians delay effects of age-related health decline
Aging in place, safely
Published June 13, 2017
For older adults, blood pressure or diabetes are not priorities compared to being able to move around, sleep well, prepare food, and be free of pain
Mental Health
The risks of undiagnosed dementia
Published June 2, 2016
Risk of unsafe activities rises in those without formal diagnosis, School of Medicine study finds / School of Medicine
Back to school
Back to school
Published Jan 4, 2016
Older adults embrace lifelong learning to keep the mind stimulated / The New York Times
Brain on exercise
Strong body, strong mind?
Published Nov 19, 2015
Study shows exercise boosts enzyme levels, limits brain cell degeneration / Hopkins Medicine
Staying capable
Published Summer 2014
A new program sends a handyman along with the nurse on home visits to Baltimore's low-income elderly / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Now hear this
Your brain on silence
Published Jan 24, 2014
Impaired hearing linked to accelerated brain tissue loss / Hopkins Medicine
Dementia care
Calming influence
Published Winter 2013
A new program piloted by the School of Nursing uses indoor golf, barbershop quartet music, and more to reduce agitation in dementia patients. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
$5.8 million grant to fund study of frailty in older adults
Published Sept 2013
Researchers aim to speed the development of interventions to slow or stop it / Gazette
Assisted living, at home
Published July 9, 2013
School of Nursing study aims to help low-income older adults age in place / NPR