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The case for more screen time
Published Summer 2023
A pair of recent studies looks at how social isolation affects older adults / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Sending heart tissue to space
Published Summer 2023
Johns Hopkins scientists study aging and heart disease by sending heart "tissue-on-a-chip" to space / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Innovative care
Hopkins AITC announces awardees of second funding round
Published June 16, 2023
Grant recipients–hailing from academia, industry, and clinical practice—will receive funding to develop new devices and other aging-related innovations
Why do we all age differently?
Published March 22, 2023
Johns Hopkins researchers are part of a new program to understand and predict the differences in how we all age
Innovative care
Aging well with AI: Hopkins AITC announces awardees of pilot research grants
Published Jan 10, 2023
Inaugural grant recipients hailing from academia, industry, and clinical practice will receive funding to develop new devices and other aging-related innovations
Caregiving strain: A growing concern for medical school faculty
Published Aug 3, 2021
Family caregivers now encompass more than 1 in 5 Americans. For physicians, clinicians, nurses, and techs, the pressure to provide care to family members can be especially high.
Online courses address COVID-19 challenges for assisted living and senior housing communities
Published Dec 18, 2020
Developed with the Baltimore City Health Department, courses cover emergency preparedness, infection prevention, and well-being policies to keep residents and staff safe
Study suggests missed financial payments may be early indicator of dementia
Published Dec 2, 2020
Older adults who go on to be diagnosed with dementia are more likely to miss payments on bills as early as six years before a clinical diagnosis, study suggests
The complexities of safe nursing home visits during the holidays
Published Nov 23, 2020
Nursing home visits support residents' socialization and care, but families should exercise caution when planning a visit during the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic, Hopkins Nursing expert says
The impact of COVID-19 on older adults
Published May 5, 2020
COVID-19 poses a risk not only to the health of older adults who contract the disease but also to those without the health care resources and social structures that contribute to overall wellness