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Tobacco control

Environmental health
The impact of cigarette butts
Published April 22, 2024
Cigarette butts are the most littered item on the planet. Two new studies from the Institute for Global Tobacco Control point to possible solutions.
The dangers of vaping
Published Sept 30, 2019
Joanna Cohen, director of the Institute for Global Tobacco Control, talks about the recent uptick in illnesses and deaths linked to vaping
Diabetes drug nixes nicotine withdrawal
Published April 5, 2018
Researchers note lack of withdrawal symptoms in mice after they are given common diabetes drug metformin
Bloomberg School opposes anti-smoking group with ties to tobacco
Published Jan 25, 2018
Dean Ellen MacKenzie, 16 other deans sign statement saying they will refuse funding from Foundation for a Smoke-Free World
Dangerous smoke screen
Published June 7, 2016
Tobacco industry's delay on using new warning labels puts thousands of lives at risk, JHU expert writes / The New York Times
Big data
Health awareness analysis
Published April 1, 2016
Do awareness efforts, like the Great American Smokeout, have an impact on our behavior?
Nicotine Fix
Addiction predisposition?
Published Sept 11, 2015
Small study sheds light on earliest stages of nicotine addiction / Hopkins Medicine
Unsafe vapor
Emerging health concern
Published Feb 4, 2015
E-cigarettes weaken immune system, study shows / School of Public Health
Shroom study
Quit smoking with 'magic'?
Published Sept 11, 2014
Hallucinogen in mushrooms helps longtime smokers quit in JHU trial / Hopkins Medicine
School of Public Health goes tobacco-free
Published Aug 11, 2014
School prohibits the use of any tobacco product—not just cigarettes—in all buildings, facilities, and vehicles