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STEM Education
Making room for spatial learning
Published July 20, 2017
Science of Learning Institute pilot program will introduce spatial learning—a factor in STEM success—into third-grade curriculum
City students engineer solutions
Published May 4, 2017
Kids use science to help their neighborhoods, the capstone to a five-year STEM education pilot program co-led by JHU, BCPS
Mechanical engineering
Sneak peek at a future in science
Published Feb 14, 2017
Sixth-graders from three West Baltimore schools tour JHU's mechanical engineering labs
Immersive learning
Hooked on science
Published Nov 10, 2016 Video
Study finds that program that brings live fish into classrooms not only helps students learn, but improves their attitudes about science
STEM frontiers
Tracking a zombie virus
Published Oct 31, 2016
JHU's Montgomery County campus hosts eighth annual Frontiers in Science & Medicine Day
Drawing them in
Published Spring 2015
APL gets kids interested in STEM, one frame at a time. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Scientists for a day
Published Oct 28, 2014
Seventh-graders track mock zombie virus, solve cat food caper at Frontiers in Science and Medicine Day
(Bridge) breaking news
Published Aug 5, 2014
'The Wall Street Journal' highlights JHU's engineering contest in front-page article / The Wall Street Journal
Carb loading
Engineering crash course
Published July 28, 2014
JHU summer program participants build (and break) spaghetti bridges
Mueller gets NSF CAREER Award
Published March 10, 2014
Materials scientist will use $400,00 grant to support research, educational outreach program