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A horseman of a different era
Published April 20, 2022
A 7-foot tall sculpture, a small-scale version of Kehinde Wiley's defiant rejoinder to Confederate statuary, 'Rumors of War,' will be installed in Mudd Hall atrium
Graduating seniors receive arts prizes
Published May 20, 2019
Victoria Yeh wins Louis Sudler Prize, and Julia Zimmerman wins the President's Commendation for Achievement in the Arts
Extreme materials
Otherworldly art
Published Nov 12, 2018
Art student Amy Wetsch builds sculptures inspired by planetary environments explored by Hopkins scientist Sarah Horst
Junk art
'Synergy' spills onto Beach
Published April 21, 2015
MICA curator plans temporary 'River of Recyclables' as part of MSE Library exhibition
Surreal sneakers
Mass production meets modern art
Published March 20, 2015
JHU senior curates French artist Thomas Teurlai's solo U.S. debut, 'Foot Locker'
Au Wyman Quad
Une tour de glace
Published Feb 17, 2014
Who created graceful ice sculpture on Hopkins quad? C'est un grand mystère
An artful vision
Published Dec 2013
Public art becomes part of the Johns Hopkins Homewood campus / Gazette
'Red Sails' rises
Published Nov 19, 2013 Photos
Massive sculpture, a gift from 1951 graduate Ralph O'Connor, installed on Homewood campus
Art arrival
'Reclining' on the quad
Published Oct 1, 2013
Sculpture by renowned artist Willem de Kooning arrives at Homewood campus
Minor news
Visual arts program becomes full academic minor
Published Sept 2013
Visual arts program becomes a full academic minor / Gazette