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Mechanical engineering
NSF award will help engineers design sustainable plastics
Published Jan 6, 2022
Researchers will develop a process to melt and blend two common but difficult-to-recycle plastic polymers to create new, high-value plastics
Trash to liquid treasure
Published Winter 2020
A team of Johns Hopkins engineers is developing a better way to recycle plastics / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Continued progress toward sustainability goals
Published July 24, 2017
Annual report shows Johns Hopkins has reduced environmental impact, even while growing operations
Ecosmart spring cleaning
Published May 12, 2017
JHU gives students an opportunity to donate unwanted items as they move out of residence halls
Hopkins recycles
Plastic, repurposed
Published Nov 16, 2016
Volunteers turn plastic bags into plarn, which is then used to make sleeping mats for homeless
Reuse, reduce, recycle
Published Oct 28, 2015
Recycling drive comes to JHU as part of Campus Sustainability Month
Junk art
'Synergy' spills onto Beach
Published April 21, 2015
MICA curator plans temporary 'River of Recyclables' as part of MSE Library exhibition