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Quantum physics

Faculty honors
Peter Armitage receives 2023 Brown Investigator Award
Published May 2, 2023
Armitage will receive $2M over the next five years for mid-career, curiosity-driven research
Quantum physics
Magnets in flux
Published Aug 18, 2022
Researchers at the Institute for Quantum Matter prove that mechanically manipulating a certain type of metal can change its magnetic properties, ushering in new applications for the rare and underutilized field of piezomagnetism
Quantum materials
Researchers find a semimetal that clings to a quantum precipice
Published May 27, 2021
The semimetal—one part cerium, four parts ruthenium, and six parts tin—seems to be naturally quantum critical, meaning it sits at the edge of multiple phases of matter
Faculty news
Two from Hopkins join national effort to advance quantum computing
Published Sept 9, 2020
Tyrel McQueen and Surjeet Rajendran join new Quantum Information Science Research Centers, developed under the U.S. Department of Energy
Quantum materials
Researchers accidentally uncover new magnetic phenomenon
Published Aug 4, 2020
During the search for an elusive quantum material, researchers observe phenomenon in an experimental material that is theorized to occur when material particles 'remember' previous forms and behaviors
Two from Hopkins receive $1.6M to pursue quantum physics research
Published May 28, 2020
N. Peter Armitage and Collin Broholm each receive grants from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to further our understanding of the 'weirdness' of quantum materials
Quantum physics
A building block of future computing?
Published Oct 10, 2019
Researchers discover a superconductor that naturally exists between two states, a finding that could pave the way for more complex computing in the future
Evidence revealed for a new property of quantum matter
Published June 12, 2018
A theorized but never-before detected property of quantum matter has now been spotted in a Hopkins lab
Hopkins PhD student wins $100,000 fellowship
Published April 24, 2018
Schmidt Science Fellows Program, endowed by former Google CEO, selects Wesley Fuhrman as one of 14 inaugural fellows
Quantum science
Physicist among group awarded NSF grant
Published Aug 24, 2017
JHU's Natalia Drichko is part of a group of scientists to organize grad, post-doc summer school for quantum technology