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Justice for all?
Published June 7, 2023
Political scientist and sociologist Vesla Weaver listens to the voices of people whose experience of democracy, citizenship, and government is completely different from that of those not living under police surveillance
Study consults experts on policing: The policed
Published July 7, 2020
Portals Policing Project, co-led by sociologist Vesla Weaver, centers on the lived experiences of people in cities with heavy law enforcement presence in order to gain insights on justice and democracy
A focused approach to policing could reduce gun violence
Published June 15, 2020
Survey of residents in areas of Baltimore most affected by gun violence finds that "stop-and-search" policing isn't effective, erodes community trust in police; New report outlines recommendations
American policing in the Cold War era
Published Oct 16, 2019
In his new book, Stuart Schrader explores how U.S. foreign policy designed to contain communism abroad informed approaches to law enforcement at home
Public health
Examining the pervasive violence against female sex workers
Published Jan 8, 2019
Study suggests that improving relationships with police could protect the vulnerable population of female sex workers
Law enforcement
The future of policing
Published March 23, 2016
Panelists discuss how a tumultuous year might reshape the nation's police departments
Crime and policing
The 'Ferguson effect' and Baltimore crime
Published March 15, 2016
Arrests declined but crime did not increase in months before April 2015 unrest, researchers find
Police partnership
An evidence-based approach to fighting crime
Published Feb 22, 2016 Video
Hopkins researchers, Baltimore police to work together to study, reduce violent crime
'Difficult road for justice'
Published Aug 26, 2015
New book by JHU grad Ronnie Greene explores police shooting in wake of Hurricane Katrina
Serve and protect?
Published Spring 2015 Photos
U.S. police departments have armed themselves like combat troops / Johns Hopkins Magazine