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Turnbull Lecture
On the power and mystique of metaphor
Published March 21, 2018
Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Tracy K. Smith, the U.S. Poet laureate, visits Johns Hopkins
President's Reading Series
8 notable authors to visit Homewood
Published March 21, 2018
Program begins Sept. 26 with reading from novelist Salman Rushdie
Ambiguous loss
Published Summer 2017
Poet Molly Peacock processes a friend's massive stroke through her latest collection, 'The Analyst' / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Ode to a muse
Published March 21, 2018
Student leaves behind poem for 'Woman with Sunglasses on Bench' sculpture at MSE Library
Student recognition
Alum named Gates Cambridge Scholar
Published March 21, 2018
Writer Katherine Robinson will study connections between 20th century poet Ted Hughes and medieval Celtic folklore
Hip-hop and poetry
Published March 21, 2018
Quraysh Ali Lansana, co-editor of 'The BreakBeat Poets,' visits JHU for free reading Monday
A British poet in Baltimore
Published March 21, 2018
Sir Andrew Motion settles into life in America as a Homewood Professor of the Arts at Johns Hopkins
Top holiday gift pick
Published March 21, 2018
Collection of T.S. Eliot poems published by JHU Press wins readers choice honor / Inside Higher Ed
Community Learning
Poetic change agents
Published Winter 2015
When Dora Malech started mentoring a Baltimore City teen, she had no idea they'd be designing a course together / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Feeling powerless
Published Winter 2014
Chris Nealon's new collection of poems move with a pop song's accessibility while freighting the emotional weight of a short story. / Johns Hopkins Magazine