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Physics and astronomy

In memoriam
Astronomer Paul Feldman, a pioneer of comet science, dies at 82
Published Jan 31, 2022
He led the development of the field of comet UV spectroscopy and is remembered for his leadership, wit, and wisdom
Department of Physics and Astronomy receives $50M gift
Published Dec 16, 2021
Donation from legendary investor Bill Miller will support expanded research into emerging subfields of study, help attract promising young researchers
Quantum materials
Researchers find a semimetal that clings to a quantum precipice
Published May 27, 2021
The semimetal—one part cerium, four parts ruthenium, and six parts tin—seems to be naturally quantum critical, meaning it sits at the edge of multiple phases of matter
Outer space
New models reveal Saturn's hidden regions
Published May 6, 2021
Researchers simulate conditions necessary for planet's unique magnetic field
Hubble sees double
Published April 28, 2021
Grad student Hsiang-Chih Hwang helps refine the technique for identifying quasar pairs
Cell behavior
Cells walk microscopic tightrope in new study of cell behavior
Published March 23, 2021
The findings shed light on the behaviors of cells in certain environments and may have implications for drug research
Making stuff up
Published Dec 22, 2020
The PARADIM Bulk Crystal Growth Facility makes the materials of tomorrow with the help of some very specialized, very hot furnaces
Galaxies have gotten hotter as they've gotten older
Published Nov 10, 2020
As galaxies gather gases through their gravitational pull, they grow larger and heat up, allowing physicists to measure the gradual increase in temperature as a function of the age of the universe
Theoretical physicist brings science to the people with YouTube series
Published Nov 4, 2020 Video
Johns Hopkins' Jared Kaplan partners with Scientific American for a series that aims to make complex science accessible for a general audience
Faculty news
Two from Hopkins join national effort to advance quantum computing
Published Sept 9, 2020
Tyrel McQueen and Surjeet Rajendran join new Quantum Information Science Research Centers, developed under the U.S. Department of Energy