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physics and astronomy

Dark matter's cooling property
Published Aug 19, 2018
New findings published in 'Nature' suggest dark matter can absorb heat energy, as JHU researchers predicted
Outer space
Super blue blood moon rising
Published Aug 19, 2018
Space Fellow Kirsten Hall sheds light on the three converging lunar events that will take place Wednesday morning and won't reoccur for another 37 years
Space exploration
What makes a planet a planet?
Published Aug 19, 2018
Astrophysicist proposes an upper size limit on what should be considered planets
Quantum science
Physicist among group awarded NSF grant
Published Aug 19, 2018
JHU's Natalia Drichko is part of a group of scientists to organize grad, post-doc summer school for quantum technology
Astronaut Kate Rubins to visit JHU
Published Aug 19, 2018
First person to ever sequence DNA in space visits Hopkins for a talk about her experiments, experiences aboard the International Space Station
Can one cosmic mystery help solve another?
Published Aug 19, 2018
Astrophysicists from Johns Hopkins propose using mysterious fast radio bursts to help detect dark matter
Royal Society University Research Fellowship
Published Aug 19, 2018
Jens Chluba is one of only five fellows in astronomy and astrophysics this year