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Peabody conservatory

Harmonious hacking
Published Feb 5, 2020
Peabody hackathon focuses on innovations in music composition, performance, and education
Peabody alum Yoshiaki Horiguchi on what it takes to be a standout
Published Summer 2019
Peabody alum Yoshiaki Horiguchi on what it takes to be a standout / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Audition Week
The snow must go on
Published Feb 22, 2019
Despite inclement weather, the show must go on for the hundreds of musicians, composers, and dancers who auditioned this week at Peabody
Doctor guitar
Published Fall 2016
Musicians get hurt a lot: Paging Dr. Serap Bastepe-Gray / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Conservatory hip-hop
Published Fall 2016
Wendel Patrick brings hip-hop to Peabody Conservatory / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The deeper you go, the funner it gets
Published Summer 2016
Modern symphony orchestra may not be a raucous experience, but that does not mean fun has been banished from the concert hall / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Band on the run
Alternative music
Published Oct 20, 2015
Peabody students, alumni perform with musicians on Yellow Barn Music Haul's traveling concert venue
Don't try this
Published Fall 2014
Education historian Elizabeth Archibald's blog applies tips from very old books to contemporary questions. / Johns Hopkins Magazine