Jed Gaylin

Credit: Will Kirk / Johns Hopkins University

A maestro marks 30 years with Hopkins Symphony Orchestra

Jed Gaylin, Peab '95 (DMA), discusses his musical milestones

Jed Gaylin, Peab '95 (DMA), offers this advice to musicians upon celebrating 30 years as the conductor of Hopkins Symphony Orchestra: "Play this music like you're the dog in the car with their head out the window." It's a colorful metaphor for Gaylin's maxim that art is what makes life worth living.

Gaylin also recently reached milestones with two other orchestras where he serves as music director: 25 years with southern New Jersey's Bay Atlantic Symphony and 10 years with West Virginia's Two Rivers Chamber Orchestra. For Gaylin, the work of conducting always feels new. There's a seemingly inexhaustible vitality to the music HSO performs, whether it's a score written 300 years ago or one day ago.

"I want each person on stage to feel that that stage is an opportunity for them to be their fullest creative, artistic self," Gaylin says.