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Pain management

Pain treatment
Potential relief from chronic pain
Published July 31, 2023
An electrical stimulation treatment called scrambler therapy can yield significant relief for most patients, review suggests
Pain management
Cannabis and athletes
Published July 20, 2021
Epidemiologist and former Olympic triathlete Joanna Zeiger is breaking barriers in cannabis research for pain and recovery treatment.
Opioid epidemic
Study identifies shortcomings in FDA evaluations of opioid drugs
Published Oct 1, 2020
The systematic assessment of safety-related outcomes for opioid trials has been lacking for more than two decades, researchers find
Study pushes back on benefits of pain cream
Published Feb 5, 2019
Compounded pain creams and gels, marketed and prescribed for a variety of muscle and nerve conditions, work about as well as placebos, study shows
Major insurers may hinder use of opioid alternatives
Published Oct 5, 2018
Major commercial and national insurers are missing opportunities to encourage use of non-opioid alternatives to treat lower back pain, study finds
Pain management
Reducing post-op opioid prescriptions
Published Aug 15, 2018
Experts and patients create procedure-specific Rx guidelines that range from prescribing zero opioids to up to 20 pills
Opioid crisis
Learning to treat pain
Published March 19, 2018
Required course for next generation of physicians highlights the hazards of prescribing opioids
Pain management
Reframing the way we think about opioid abuse
Published Sept 25, 2017
Peter Pronovost, Josh Sharfstein among experts to speak at Johns Hopkins symposium on opioid epidemic
Racial, economic factors contribute to differences in surgical care
Published Sept 20, 2017
Poor and minority patients receive less optimal pain management, are placed on enhanced recovery protocols later than wealthier, white counterparts / Hopkins Medicine
Prescription drugs
Review: Most opioid pills go unused
Published Aug 2, 2017
Researchers also find that majority of prescribed pills are not disposed of in recommended ways / Hopkins Medicine