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Writing counsel
Published Fall 2021
Reviewing Academy Professor Alice McDermott's new collection of essays, 'What About the Baby?: Some Thoughts on the Art of Fiction' / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Marching on
Published Fall 2021
Reviewing SNF Agora Institute Director and Political Science Professor Hahrie Han's 'Prisms of the People: Power & Organizing in Twenty-First-Century America' / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Public Health
Higher bar for health care
Published Fall 2021
Reviewing Executive Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Equity Lisa Cooper's 'Why Are Health Disparities Everyone's Problem?' / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The WWII-era scientist who revolutionized cancer research—despite the Nazis
Published June 4, 2021
In his new book, Ravenous, Johns Hopkins faculty member Sam Apple explains how Nobel laureate Otto Warburg's once disregarded cancer metabolism research has undergone a major resurgence
Historian Martha Jones wins 'L.A. Times' Book Prize for history
Published April 23, 2021
Her book Vanguard closely examines the history of Black women's suffrage in America
Untold fight for voting rights
Published Winter 2020
Relearning history is rarely as engrossing as it is in historian Martha S. Jones' book, 'Vanguard' / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Less traveled by
Published Fall 2020
Andrew Miller's 'On Not Being Someone Else' explores the existential questions that arise when reflecting on the choices we could have made—and how our lives might have changed / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Review: 'Badges Without Borders' by Stuart Schrader
Published Winter 2019
Lecturer Stuart Schrader's compelling history unpacks pressing challenges of militarized police and private security firms / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Review: Narges Bajoghi's 'Iran Reframed'
Published Fall 2019
This vital work of media scholarship explores how the Iranian regime communicates with the public—and the stories that emerge from propaganda / Johns Hopkins Magazine