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National security

This week
How geospatial intelligence provides vital insights into Russia's invasion of Ukraine
Published March 14, 2022
Johns Hopkins experts, former CIA employees Michael Ard and Jack O'Connor will discuss the growing roles satellite, drone, and aircraft imagery play in intelligence gathering
The Capitol insurrectionists and the lingering threat of extremist violence
Published Jan 14, 2021
Eugene Finkel, an expert in violence, state collapse, and social change, discusses what we know about the rioters who attacked the U.S. Capitol one week ago and how the nation can confront the emerging threat of domestic terrorism
Information Security
Hopkins expert to address potential threats to remote voting
Published July 17, 2020
Avi Rubin, of the Johns Hopkins Information Security Institute, will provide security recommendations and feasibility analysis for lawmakers considering voting remotely due to COVID-19
National security
A strategy for U.S. strength and security
Published Dec 28, 2018
APL senior fellows author a strategy document outlining how the U.S. can navigate an uncertain geopolitical climate
Hope in the era of election meddling
Published Spring 2018
Social media sites are ideal platforms for disinformation campaigns, but there's a growing trend to combat fake news: digital forensics / Johns Hopkins Magazine
National security
Software could safeguard power grid
Published Feb 21, 2018
If part of an electrical grid is compromised in a cyber attack, new software developed at Hopkins is designed to keep power flowing
Defense policy
Mattis outlines bold new strategy at SAIS
Published Jan 19, 2018
Secretary of Defense's strategy focuses on diplomacy, strengthening alliances, and securing a long-term budget from Congress
Sit rep
Published Summer 2017
A deep-dive into Eliot Cohen's 'thoughtful, carefully reasoned' book, 'The Big Stick' / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Challenges await South Korea's new leader
Published May 11, 2017
SAIS expert Eunjung Lim explores the difficult road ahead for newly elected President Moon Jae-in / The Conversation
Tectonic shifts in national security
Published April 5, 2017
In SAIS visit, former NSA, CIA director Gen. Michael Hayden discusses changes in global dynamics