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Montgomery county campus

STEAM Education
Curious wonders
Published Feb 8, 2019 Photos
Montgomery County Campus art show, now in its 13th year, challenges student artists to create works of art with a 'curious' theme
STEM education
Knead-to-know science basics
Published April 26, 2018 Photos
Through annual bread-making event, King Arthur Flour and Johns Hopkins teach chemistry basics to fourth- and fifth-graders
STEAM education
Young artists showcase their work
Published Feb 1, 2018 Photos
Annual exhibition aims to get students excited about STEAM education, which combines arts with traditional STEM fields
STEM education
Middle-schoolers explore new frontiers
Published Nov 1, 2017
Local students get immersive, interactive tours of the labs at JHU's Montgomery County Campus
NCI plans new lab on JHU's Montgomery County campus
Published March 20, 2017
70,000-square-foot facility, expected to open in 2019, would be home to about 134 employees
STEAM Education
Art with spare parts
Published Jan 31, 2017
11th annual Johns Hopkins art show at Montgomery County campus celebrates budding artists
STEM frontiers
Tracking a zombie virus
Published Oct 31, 2016
JHU's Montgomery County campus hosts eighth annual Frontiers in Science & Medicine Day
Little chefs
Recipe for fun, learning
Published April 12, 2016 Photos
Fourth-graders learn science behind baking bread at JHU's Montgomery County campus
Celebrating arts in education
Published Feb 10, 2016
Annual Montgomery County art show celebrates STEAM curricula
Play day
Intro to science, medicine
Published Oct 16, 2015
Seventh-graders learn about DNA, diseases at Montgomery County life sciences event