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Mind & brain

JHU researchers make new discovery about brain's 3-D shape processing
Published Sept 18, 2014
A major pathway long associated with object shape also carries information about landscapes and other environments
Brain matters
Neuroscientists focus on where memories begin
Published April 14, 2014 Video
Place cells in hippocampus help construct cognitive map, study suggests
Now hear this
Your brain on music
Published Dec 2, 2013
Peabody conference will explore musical meaning by examining issues of creativity, culture, and memory from the perspectives of musicology, neuroscience
Brain teasers
A lot to learn about learning
Published Fall 2013
Researchers from across the university have banded together to understand how our brains learn. What does that mean? / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Memory failure
A man with no past
Published July 17, 2013
Expert on neurology, psychiatry discusses strange California amnesia case
Character study
Tricking the brain to read
Published June 2013
JHU cognitive scientists devise alphabets that allow subjects to read again / Gazette
Art on the brain
Published Oct 16, 2012
JHU, Walters Art Museum will use $50,000 grant to create program aimed at fostering cognitive development in preschoolers / The Baltimore Sun
BME researcher wins Presidential Early Career Award
Published Sept 2012
Sarma honored for work in developing treatments for brain disorders such as Parkinson's disease, epilepsy / Gazette
What's your 'number sense'?
Published June 26, 2012
Our inborn sense for numbers improves during school years, declines during old age, and remains linked throughout the entire lifespan to academic mathematics achievement, study shows