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Middle east

Fallout of a failed coup
Published July 21, 2016
SAIS Middle East expert says events could strain U.S.-Turkey relations, pave Erdogan's path to more power / The LobeLog
Middle East power struggle
Published Jan 5, 2016
SAIS Dean Vali Nasr discusses widening diplomatic rift between Saudi Arabia, Iran / NPR
How to defeat ISIS
Published Nov 18, 2015
SAIS dean, Middle East scholar Vali Nasr discusses the Paris attacks and the need for a diplomatic solution to Syrian conflict
Arab world's blurred lines
Published Aug 13, 2014
Vali Nasr: Sectarian violence in Iraq can be traced to 'arbitrary boundaries' drawn after WWI / The New York Times
Dean of Middle Eastern affairs
Published Spring 2014
Vali Nasr has built his career on explaining the inexplicable. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Difficult options on Syria
Published Aug 26, 2013
Apparent use of chemical weapons demands U.S. response, SAIS expert writes / The Washington Post
State of turmoil
What's next for Egypt?
Published July 3, 2013
Economic difficulties fuel uprising, opposition to Morsi government, says acting director of the SAIS's Middle East Studies Program
In Turkey, an awakening
Published June 18, 2013
President of JHU's Turkish Student Association writes about ongoing protests in Turkey
Nuclear breakthrough?
Published March 18, 2013
Iran's strategic position is crumbling, SAIS dean writes, signaling possible break in deadlock over nuclear program / The New York Times
The cost of low-cost war
Published Nov 14, 2012
The U.S. can no longer afford counterterrorism strategy that relies heavily on drone strikes, SAIS Dean Vali Nasr writes / Bloomberg View