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Microbes go dark to stay warm in cooler climates
Published Aug 15, 2018
Microbes and fungi that darken when in colder climates have better survival and may be an important variable in modeling climate change, researchers find
Sequencing a motherline
Published Aug 15, 2018
First-ever sequencing of mitochondrial DNA for An. funestus mosquito could yield new avenues for combating malaria
Studying stress-resistant extremophiles
Published Aug 15, 2018
Understanding how tiny microbes thrive in harsh environments could lead to better treatments for human diseases
A new dimension of research
Published Aug 15, 2018 Video
3-D microscope gives researchers unprecedented views of organs, tissue, live specimens
Cancer's telltale slime
Published Aug 15, 2018
MRI detects sugar molecules on cancerous cells, a method that raises possibility of diagnosis without biopsies / Hopkins Medicine
Ebola's basic biology
Published Aug 15, 2018
School of Public Health professor on how virus infections evolve
Pathologist Noel Rose
Published July-Aug 2014
Professor is well-known for his pioneering studies on autoimmune thyroiditis in the 1950s that ushered in modern era of research on autoimmune disease / Gazette
Micro management
Bacteria vs. malaria
Published Aug 15, 2018
Infecting mosquitoes with specific bacteria strain could help stop spread of disease / NPR