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Medical school

Helping future doctors pay their way
Published Winter 2019
Lisa Dunkle, Med '72, is helping to lift the burden of medical school debt for current and future Johns Hopkins students. Her hope is that her support, including the endowment of the Lisa Dunkle Scheffler, MD, Scholarship Fund, will allow Hopkins students to focus on making the world a better place, rather than "following the money" to pay back loans / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Dual degree
First in her class
Published Aug 27, 2019
Personal experience fuels Johns Hopkins' first MBA/MD student, who overcame leukemia as a child
Physician training
Battling med school burnout
Published March 20, 2018
Study: Limiting the length of shifts for medical trainees improves their reported well-being but doesn't impair their education
Urgent med school
Published Winter 2017
In war-torn Syria, there's a desperate need to find more effective ways to prepare the next generation of medical students in a hurry / Johns Hopkins Magazine
The merit of merit-based aid
Published Oct 25, 2017
Leaders at Hopkins, Harvard, Stanford say merit-based scholarships may be detrimental to future of medicine
Student startup
Med school admissions, made simpler
Published June 30, 2017
Three recent JHU grads who got into top med schools launch venture to show others how it's done
Learning from the man known only as 'him'
Published Winter 2016
First-year medical students still rely on cadavers to learn anatomy / Johns Hopkins Magazine
On and off the court
Published Spring 2015
Simeon Margolis and John Boitnott were classmates at the School of Medicine—but it was their love of basketball that cemented their friendship / Johns Hopkins Magazine