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Global affairs
Why thousands are protesting in Iran
Published July 21, 2018
Experts Vali Nasr, Ryan Calder discuss the economic causes of and political fallout from Iran's demonstrations
Trump's 'strategic blunder' on Iran
Published July 21, 2018
SAIS Dean Vali Nasr says decertifying nuclear deal is mistake that will define president's foreign policy legacy
A year after Hajj tragedy, political tensions linger
Published July 21, 2018
As annual pilgrimage to Mecca begins, SAIS Dean Vali Nasr discusses ongoing conflict between Saudi Arabia, Iran / NPR
Middle East power struggle
Published July 21, 2018
SAIS Dean Vali Nasr discusses widening diplomatic rift between Saudi Arabia, Iran / NPR
Foreign relations
Cardin talks Iran nuclear deal
Published July 21, 2018
Contentious agreement set for up-or-down vote in Congress this month
Intellectual history
Deliberate alienation
Published Spring 2014
Graduate student Omid Mehrgan's Intersession course tackles the intellectual history of Iran. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Nuclear breakthrough?
Published July 21, 2018
Iran's strategic position is crumbling, SAIS dean writes, signaling possible break in deadlock over nuclear program / The New York Times