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Seasonal flu
Fast-spreading mutation helps common flu subtype escape human immune response
Published July 15, 2020
Unlike the novel coronavirus, which has been shown to mutate slowly, strains of influenza virus have acquired a mutation that blocks antibodies from binding to a key viral protein, making vaccine development more complex
Asymptomatic spread makes COVID-19 hard to contain
Published May 12, 2020
Immunologist Gigi Gronvall discusses the challenges of tracing the spread of coronavirus, the importance of testing, and the dangerous appeal of "immunity passports"
COVID-19: Immunity and seasonality
Published March 30, 2020
Immunologist Andrew Pekosz discusses urgent questions about the novel coronavirus, including whether anyone is immune to the virus and whether it will ebb in warmer months
Mission will put melanin's superpower to the test
Published Nov 1, 2019
Melanin samples are headed to the International Space Station, where their ability to protect against harmful radiation will be explored
Immune system
Hopkins study examines patients with rare natural ability to suppress HIV
Published Dec 26, 2018
Findings suggest that patients can be in 'HIV remission' despite having a large reservoir of infected cells
Pioneering immunologist joins Hopkins faculty
Published Dec 12, 2018
Nilabh Shastri becomes university's 38th Bloomberg Distinguished Professor after spending past 30 years pursuing immune surveillance research at UC Berkeley
Studies to explore immune responses to flu shots
Published Nov 6, 2018
Johns Hopkins gets $8M NIH grant to look at differences in how men, women respond to flu shots
Why men might recover from the flu faster than women
Published July 17, 2018
Male mice infected with influenza produce more of a growth factor protein that promotes lung healing
Fetal health
Zika may cause miscarriages
Published Feb 21, 2017
In mouse study, exposure to virus led to higher rates of miscarriages, babies born with thin brain tissue, brain inflammation
Cancer research
A chemotherapy alternative
Published Oct 5, 2016
Immunotherapy deploys the body's natural ability to fight cancer, could reduce toxic chemo treatments for children / Promise & Progress