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Homewood museum

University history
Honoring the humanity of enslaved people at Homewood
Published Jan 21, 2022
Today's Ritual of Remembrance honors the legacies of those who lived and labored on the land where the Homewood campus of Johns Hopkins University now sits
Materials science
Students use new technology to identify a piece of JHU history
Published Dec 16, 2019
Students identify metal artifact in Homewood Museum collection as century-old part of building's roof
Homewood Museum embraces a more inclusive history
Published Feb 1, 2019
New guided tour includes a focus on the lives of two enslaved families who lived and worked there: the Connors and the Rosses
Exploring Homewood's untold history
Published May 16, 2018
Multiyear research project examines the stories of the slaves who lived and worked at the property that would become Johns Hopkins University's Homewood campus
Hamilton's life and legacy
Published Feb 19, 2018
Homewood Museum exhibit explores 'The Man Who Made Modern America'
Summer of discovery
Days at the museum
Published Aug 7, 2017
Hopkins students help search for historical artifacts at site of Homewood Museum excavation project
New director for Homewood Museum
Published Feb 27, 2017
Julia Rose, current director of West Baton Rouge Museum and adjunct instructor in museum studies at LSU, will assume new role June 1
An orchard reimagined
Published Sept-Oct 2014
Nine heirloom fruit trees will be planted on Homewood campus in September / Gazette
Favorite things
Curse tablets and other 'priceless' treasures
Published Summer 2014 Photos
A joke book. A Roman curse tablet. A clump of a cow's hair. Call them collectors' picks. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Privy to history
Published Winter 2012
A privy, a bedpan, and 100-year-old graffiti—the Homewood Museum offers an object lesson in history / Johns Hopkins Magazine