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Heart disease

Change of heart
Study examines how men and women age
Published Oct 20, 2015
Men's hearts increase in size, while women's heart stay the same size or shrink, study shows. / Johns Hopkins Medicine
Test predicts risk of dying
Published March 3, 2015
Cardiologists devise formula that uses heart stress test results to estimate death risk over next decade / Hopkins Medicine
Live long and prosper?
Published July 23, 2014
Life expectancy gains threatened as more older Americans suffer from multiple medical conditions
Heart health
Close to her heart
Published Winter 2013
Psychiatric social worker and philanthropist Irene Pollin made a $10 million gift to help prevent heart disease. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Don't worry, be healthy
Published July 10, 2013 Video
Johns Hopkins researchers link positive outlook to reduced heart attack risk / Hopkins Medicine
$10M gift for heart health
Published June 14, 2013
Health advocate Pollin makes contribution to to Johns Hopkins heart disease center / Hopkins Medicine
Risk of heart disease doubles with early menopause
Published Sept 19, 2012
Stroke risk also increases, study shows; findings hold true across ethnic groups / Johns Hopkins Medicine