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Heart disease

The pros, cons, and unknowns of popular weight-loss drugs
Published Jan 11, 2024
Are in-demand drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy safe and effective? A Johns Hopkins expert explains
Health Tech
A cardiac patch to the ResQ
Published April 20, 2021
Student-invented device continuously monitors the strength and timing of a heart's electrical activity and sends the data to a patient's caregiver and doctor
A promising alternative to traditional heart surgeries
Published June 28, 2019
Researchers develop a lab-grown blood vessel graft from natural polymers with regenerative properties that can be prepped for implantation in a week
Heart health
Most women with cardiovascular disease don't get enough exercise
Published April 23, 2019
Physical activity is a known prevention strategy for heart disease and can advance recovery from heart attack or stroke
Heart health
Understanding preeclampsia
Published Aug 20, 2018
Hopkins researchers close in on the cause of heart failure risk in women with preeclampsia
Heart health
Test lets patients pass on fasting
Published Jan 2, 2018
Cholesterol assessment developed at Hopkins shown to be more accurate than traditional method
Cardiac health
Eliminating unnecessary blood tests
Published Aug 14, 2017
Widely ordered test adds no significant value in detecting heart attacks, contributes to rising medical costs
Episodes of extremely low blood sugar put diabetics at increased risk for death
Published March 10, 2017
Within three years of dangerously low blood sugar episode requiring emergency department visit, one-third of those in study died / School of Public Health
Heart Health
Going with the flow
Published Nov 3, 2016
Visualizing blood flow in the heart could help reduce the risk of stroke / Hopkins Medicine
Calcium supplements may not be heart healthy
Published Oct 13, 2016
Study: Calcium-rich diet could be beneficial for the heart, but supplements seem to increase the risk of plaque buildup in arteries and heart damage / Hopkins Medicine