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Health care spending

Health spending
Taken for a ride
Published Jan 2, 2020
Study suggests that patients are overpaying for air ambulance services because of a market failure within the industry
Health Policy
Survey: Most doctors oppose Obamacare repeal
Published Jan 26, 2017
Survey finds that 74% support changes to parts of health care law, but just 15% support total repeal / Hopkins Medicine
Health policy
What's a single-payer plan?
Published Oct 11, 2016
SPH experts explain health insurance alternative mentioned during presidential debate
Health care spending
Obamacare chilling effect?
Published Sept 21, 2015
Affordable Care Act saps enthusiasm for increased government health care spending, study suggests
Medicare at 50
Reflections on successes, failures of Medicare
Published July 23, 2015
Former congressman Henry Waxman kicks off Centennial Policy Scholar Seminar Series at Bloomberg School
Medicine alternative
Surgery for sale?
Published Jan 16, 2014 Video
Hopkins bioethicist weighs in on a new website that allows patients to solicit bids for medical care
Ignoring costly status quo
Published Oct 22, 2013
JHU professor: Critics of Obamacare fail to acknowledge vast inefficiency of current system / The Baltimore Sun
Irrational behavior?
The economy of health
Published June 2013
JHU behavioral economist applies his expertise to the complex world of health care / Gazette
End the 'doc fix' charade
Published Jan 23, 2013
James Burdick of the School of Medicine urges Congress to stop perpetuating a dysfunctional system / The Baltimore Sun