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Biomedical engineering
Funding NeMo
Published Nov 15, 2017
Hopkins researchers win $100K grant from Gates Foundation for their lifesaving baby monitoring device
Family health
To make a change, ask an abuela
Published Nov 14, 2017
In rural parts of Guatemala, a Johns Hopkins program teaches essential household skills to the people who traditionally lead the family: the grandmother
Global health
Diverse perspectives, common goals
Published Oct 27, 2017
Alliance for a Healthier World hosts interdisciplinary networking event at George Peabody Library
Photo feature
A stateless people, a public health crisis
Published Oct 18, 2017
Center for Communication Programs works in Bangladesh to protect the health of the Rohingya during refugee crisis
Photo feature
Zika's other children
Published Oct 12, 2017
A powerful look at the families—and siblings—who carry the weight of Brazil's Zika epidemic
Global Health
Alliance for a Healthier World awards grants
Published Oct 12, 2017
Awards totaling $170,000 support projects designed to impact health inequities in low-, middle-income countries
Male circumcision boosts women's health
Published Oct 10, 2017
Procedure shown to reduce transmission of HIV, other sexually transmitted diseases
Global health
Johns Hopkins program battles misconceptions about cancer
Published Aug 15, 2017
JHU's Center for Communication Programs and American Cancer Society produce information materials for patients in East Africa
Cholera vaccines less effective for kids than adults
Published Aug 9, 2017
Findings indicate that one dose, spread out over twice as many people, may be more effective at treating outbreaks than a traditional two-dose method / School of Public Health
Reproductive health
Success seen in family planning program
Published Aug 9, 2017
Center for Communication Programs led successful campaign in Nigerian cities with high maternal and infant mortality rates / School of Public Health