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global health

Interdisciplinary scholar
Global health policy expert named 34th BDP
Published July 2, 2018
Jeremy Shiffman, who comes from American University, views health care policy through the lens of political science
Global health
'I hope countries will compete in generosity'
Published June 27, 2018
Philanthropist and tech giant Bill Gates visits SAIS for discussion of the U.S. foreign aid budget and what it means for health care in the developing world
International health
Vaccines save the lives of 1.45 million children since 2000
Published June 15, 2018
Vaccines prevent pneumonia, meningitis, and sepsis in developing countries where disease burden is high
Advance Family Planning gets $34.7M from Gates Foundation
Published May 21, 2018
Initiative supports family planning and reproductive health around the world
Nurses lead life-saving efforts in Botswana
Published May 16, 2018
New HPV screening strategy lets women collect their own samples in private, encouraging more to get screened
Global health
Talk to your spouse, improve your health?
Published March 29, 2018
Better communication between spouses in Mali linked to better health outcomes, new research suggests
Prevention program prompts drop in HIV infections
Published Nov 29, 2017
Study of 34,000 people in Uganda suggests U.S.-funded global effort to curb HIV infection in high-risk populations is working
Biomedical engineering
Funding NeMo
Published Nov 15, 2017
Hopkins researchers win $100K grant from Gates Foundation for their lifesaving baby monitoring device
Family health
To make a change, ask an abuela
Published Nov 14, 2017
In rural parts of Guatemala, a Johns Hopkins program teaches essential household skills to the people who traditionally lead the family: the grandmother
Global health
Diverse perspectives, common goals
Published Oct 27, 2017
Alliance for a Healthier World hosts interdisciplinary networking event at George Peabody Library