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film and media studies

Studio North
Homewood to Hollywood
Published July 16, 2018
Studio North production company gives aspiring filmmakers essential hands-on experience creating films
Paris praise for 'Sollers Point'
Published July 16, 2018
Film by Hopkins lecturer Matthew Porterfield earns top jury prize at Champs-Élysées Film Festival
Emerging media
The immersive world of Gabo
Published Summer 2018
Filmmaker Gabo Arora uses virtual reality to enable people to walk in another person's shoes / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Behind the scenes
TV Writing 101
Published July 16, 2018
Hopkins helps writers hone their skills for Hollywood
An intimate portrait of a working-class life
Published July 16, 2018
In advance of the premiere of his fourth film, 'Sollers Point,' Johns Hopkins lecturer Matthew Porterfield sits down to talk filmmaking, creating complex characters, and the colors of summer in Baltimore
Virtual world, present danger
Published July 16, 2018
Extended reality film experience about nuclear fallout and Hiroshima premieres at Tribeca Film Festival
Women's bodies, weaponized
Published July 16, 2018
In 'Trouble Girls' zine, senior Gillian Waldo explores women's prison protests in Northern Ireland
True crime and the rise of the docudrama
Published July 16, 2018
Film and Media Studies director Linda DeLibero discusses the growing appeal of true crime storytelling on TV and the future of the genre
Baltimore's unrest, through a Parisian's lens
Published July 16, 2018
One-time Johns Hopkins visiting scholar Sabrina Bouarour puts final touches on documentary exploring the imagery of Baltimore's 2015 protests
Film studies
Rare glimpse of Cuban cinema
Published July 16, 2018
Film scholar Gustavo Arcos Fernandez-Britto will screen two Cuban films on campus next week