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Environmental health

Study: Urban density not linked to higher coronavirus infection rates
Published July 2, 2020
Study of more than 900 U.S. metropolitan counties suggests that area size matters more than population density in spread of COVID-19
Faculty honors
Erica Schoenberger named Guggenheim Fellow
Published April 10, 2020
Environmental health scholar's work examines contemporary environmental threats through the lens of history and economic geography
Environmental Health
What's in your water?
Published Jan 29, 2020
Researchers discover that common water disinfecting method may result in toxic byproducts
An alternative to animal testing?
Published July 11, 2018
Database of 10,000 chemical compounds shown to be more reliable than animal testing at predicting toxicity
New cool tools
Inhale, exhale, analyze
Published Winter 2017
With an EPA grant, a Hopkins team has built 250 WeatherCubes to help scientists, residents, and policymakers understand air quality / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Environmental health
Scientists wary of coming climate policy shift
Published Dec 8, 2016
Experts discuss what Trump's global warming skepticism, pledge to revive coal mean for environmental, public health
Environmental health
A prelude to Flint
Published Sept 22, 2016
Failure to learn lessons a decade earlier led to Flint water crisis, scientist Marc Edwards says
New program to focus on environmental health
Published Aug 31, 2016
Department of Environmental Health and Engineering will be shared by JHU's schools of public health, engineering
Study links fracking to health problems
Published Aug 25, 2016
Unconventional natural gas wells associated with migraines, fatigue, chronic nasal and sinus symptoms
Litter-free Baltimore
Tracking trash
Published Aug 24, 2016
PhD candidates honored by Abell Foundation for simple ideas to help make Baltimore's streets cleaner