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Education reform

After COVID-19
Recalibrating the American educational system
Published April 7, 2020
When assessing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the nation's public school system, education reformer Bob Balfanz sees a light on the horizon
In memoriam
Education scholar Jeffrey A. Grigg dies at 42
Published Nov 14, 2019
Grigg, who joined Johns Hopkins in 2014, researched the sociology of education, social stratification, school reform, and the organization of schools
A career dedicated to improving educational outcomes
Published Oct 21, 2019
For 20 years, School of Education researcher Bob Balfanz has worked to help students make it through high school. Now he's turned his attention to helping them succeed in college.
Knock knock, teacher here
Published Fall 2019
Home visiting program shown to improve school attendance and standardized test scores for elementary and middle schoolers / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Education policy
Informed insights for struggling schools
Published July 11, 2019
Founded in 2015, the Institute for Education Policy at the School of Education has earned a reputation for unbiased, pragmatic research
Higher education's changing landscape
Published Nov 27, 2017
A conversation with Columbia sociologist Jonathan Cole, one of the country's leading thinkers on higher ed reform
Closing the excellence gap
Published Oct 27, 2016
JHU talent development expert Jonathan Plucker explores how to remove barriers for low-income and minority students
A rare success story for Afghanistan
Published Aug 18, 2016
Investments in education system paying off for Afghanistan, SAIS visiting scholar Rohullah Osmani writes / The Diplomat
U.S. fails curriculum test
Published Aug 16, 2016
Study: Popular curriculum emphasizes teaching to grade level, leaves millions of students unchallenged in the classroom
Lotto for learning?
Published Feb 12, 2016
CTY's Elaine Tuttle Hansen offers suggestion for truly leveling playing field in college admissions process / Inside Higher Ed