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donald trump

Trump underestimates America's resolve
Published Jan 30, 2017
SAIS foreign policy expert Eliot A. Cohen writes that we have arrived at 'a clarifying moment in American history' / The Atlantic
Johns Hopkins monitoring immigration ban developments
Published Jan 29, 2017
Daniels, Kumar urge members of JHU community from countries affected by Trump executive order to avoid travel outside U.S.
Trump report a 'deliberate Russian provocation'
Published Jan 13, 2017
SAIS fellow David Satter, has been writing about Russia for four decades, says dossier meant to disrupt U.S. politics / The National Review
Book review
An 'implicit critique' of Trump's worldview
Published Jan 4, 2017
Eliot Cohen's eighth book makes case for virtues of hard military power / The New York Times
Oil changes
Published Jan 3, 2017
Executive order to limit offshore drilling in Arctic places Obama at odds with Trump's pro-oil promises, SAIS expert says
A curated guide to the rise of Trumpism
Published Dec 9, 2016
Crowd-sourced syllabus co-compiled by Johns Hopkins historian N.D.B. Connolly goes viral post-election
Environmental health
Scientists wary of coming climate policy shift
Published Dec 8, 2016
Experts discuss what Trump's global warming skepticism, pledge to revive coal mean for environmental, public health
Open letter
To Trump, from scientists
Published Nov 30, 2016
JHU's Agre, Greider join more than 2,300 scientists in urging new administration to respect 'scientific integrity and independence' / The Washington Post
Election 2016
How the polls got it wrong
Published Nov 30, 2016
A conversation with Clifford Young, a professorial lecturer at SAIS who helps oversee polling at global market research firm Ipsos
Trump assembles his national security team
Published Nov 22, 2016
Former acting CIA director John McLaughlin weighs in on Trump's picks of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Rep. Mike Pompeo / OZY