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daniel webster

More guns won't make college campuses safer
Published Oct 16, 2017
Campus-carry laws will invite tragedies, not end them, Daniels and Webster write
Campus carry
Study: Guns on campuses won't deter shootings
Published Oct 16, 2017
Evidence suggests right-to-carry permissions on campus will likely lead to increase in gun violence, suicides
Issue in focus
Armed America
Published Oct 16, 2017
Facts, figures, and an up-close look at the gun reform debate
Police partnership
An evidence-based approach to fighting crime
Published Oct 16, 2017 Video
Hopkins researchers, Baltimore police to work together to study, reduce violent crime
'Misguided debate'
Published Oct 16, 2017
U.S. gun control conversation derailed by misleading narrative that obscures true issues, gun policy expert says / U.S. News & World Report
Select company
Published Oct 16, 2017
JHU gun policy expert Daniel Webster one of five finalists for Baltimore Sun's 'Marylander of the Year'
Dangerous minds?
The media, mass shootings, and mental illness
Published Oct 16, 2017
News reports about rampage shootings heighten negative attitudes toward people with serious mental illness, research shows / School of Public Health
Webster among experts at Senate gun policy hearing
Published Oct 16, 2017
School of Public Health professor helped organize last month's gun policy summit at Johns Hopkins
Making the case for gun control
Published Feb 2013
Leading global experts present latest research and thinking on gun violence in the U.S. / Gazette