Archived articles
Pausing AstraZeneca vaccinations in Europe a 'tragic' decision
Published March 26, 2021
Bill Moss, director of International Vaccine Access Center, discusses the fallout of the decision of several European countries to pause AstraZeneca vaccinations
Snapshot of COVID-19 vaccine intentions highlights challenges of achieving community immunity goals
Published March 25, 2021
Survey fielded in late November and early December suggests half of Americans were either hesitant or unlikely to get vaccinated; findings continue to inform where there's more work to do
Good news
The case for vaccine optimism
Published March 21, 2021
Public Health on Call podcast discusses the short and long-term impact the increase of vaccinations will have on the pandemic, and when we might be able to expect a return to normalcy
Johns Hopkins recruits volunteers for M&T Bank Stadium mass vaccination site
Published March 12, 2021
Volunteers serve as greeters, guides, runners, or observers
Do's and don'ts
Guidance for fully vaccinated individuals
Published March 10, 2021
The CDC recently released guidance for individuals who have been fully vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine
Things to know
The COVID-19 vaccine and pregnancy
Published March 4, 2021
Physicians specializing in maternal-fetal medicine discuss the current recommendations that pregnant and lactating women receive the vaccine
J&J Vaccine
What you need to know about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine
Published March 3, 2021
The FDA confirmed Emergency Use Authorization after reviewing the safety and efficacy of Johnson & Johnson's vaccine. Here's what you need to know.
Symposium explores the role of nurses in vaccine rollout
Published March 2, 2021
In virtual event, nurses celebrate moments of triumph in the fight against COVID-19 and discuss the challenges ahead
COVID-19 vaccines
COVID-19 vaccine acceptance falling globally and in U.S.
Published Feb 24, 2021
Survey finds that in several countries including the U.S., the number of people who say they will get a COVID-19 vaccine is falling short of what would be needed to reach herd immunity
Vaccination plans must include disability community's needs
Published Feb 23, 2021
Bonnielin Swenor and Sabrina Epstein from the Disability Health Research Center discuss their new vaccination dashboard for people with disabilities and why it is essential to ensure equitable access to vaccines for vulnerable groups