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Consumer behavior

E-tail emergence
Digging into online deals
Published Nov 23, 2015
JHU professor explores purchase habits of consumers, who are increasingly going online / Carey Business magazine
Fishy business
Seafood, waste food
Published Sept 23, 2015
Nearly half of U.S. seafood supply goes to waste, JHU researchers say / School of Public Health
Discount double click
Published June 25, 2015
Loyalty rewards programs work best in online retail, Carey Business School researcher finds
Hot or not?
Changing face of beauty
Published Feb 10, 2015
Our ideas of physical attractiveness shift constantly to align with views of others, researchers find
Ask an expert
Are retail stores dead?
Published Nov-Dec 2014
Sylvia Long-Tolbert, a Carey Business School professor specializing in marketing trends and brand management, shares her thoughts / Gazette
Brand stand
A 'bold step' for CVS
Published Feb 7, 2014
In snuffing out cigarettes, CVS sends a strong message about its values, JHU expert says
Jackpot fantasies
Lottery ticket could cost you
Published Winter 2013
Buying a lottery ticket—no matter how tiny the chance of winning—weakens willpower, stirs materialistic thinking / Johns Hopkins Magazine