Archived articles
The secret appeal to Nike's swoosh
Published Spring 2019
Haiyang Yang, an expert in consumer psychology, researches the connection between company logos and personality / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Consumer behavior
Making the most of discounts
Published June 25, 2018
Study looks at how consumers respond to certain retail sales promotions
Human behavior
Deadlines and time management
Published May 31, 2018
Misperceptions of deadlines, urgency can have negative influence on time management and performance, study finds
Consumer behavior
Buyer beware
Published Feb 8, 2017
Product review websites may harm consumers, Carey Business School study finds
Consumer behavior
Quantifying the 'cool factor'
Published June 20, 2016
Computational model measures consumer choices in terms not only of price and usefulness, but also network effects
Consumer habits
Impulsive behavior
Published March 17, 2016
Belief in the 'American Dream' makes you less likely make impulse purchases
Consumer trends
Purchasing power
Published Jan 7, 2016
Some consumers use 'servant' brands to gain sense of power, study finds
Consumer behavior
Self-image and shopping
Published Dec 21, 2015
Study: Self-image influences consumer goals, engagement with products and services
E-tail emergence
Digging into online deals
Published Nov 23, 2015
JHU professor explores purchase habits of consumers, who are increasingly going online / Carey Business magazine
Fishy business
Seafood, waste food
Published Sept 23, 2015
Nearly half of U.S. seafood supply goes to waste, JHU researchers say / School of Public Health