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Class of 2022

President's Remarks
Daniels: 'Never underestimate the impact your actions can have'
Published May 23, 2022
While we often look to community and global leaders as examples of how to rise to critical moments, 'we are all capable of lives of quiet heroism,' he tells graduates
Class of 2022
From class clown to Commencement
Published May 19, 2022
Krieger School senior Nader Barsoum receives his bachelor's degree on Sunday, an accomplishment that marks a shift in the trajectory of his immigrant family, he says
New date, location for 2022 Commencement ceremony
Published Oct 18, 2021
Renovations at Royal Farms Arena prompted a date switch and the move to a sunset ceremony at Homewood Field
Back to school
Hopkins students head to class
Published Aug 30, 2018 Photos
Fresh from summer break, Hopkins students return to campus for the first day of classes
Convocation 2018
'Speak courageously, listen intently'
Published Aug 30, 2018
President Daniels and other university and student leaders formally welcome the Class of 2022 and other Hopkins newcomers to the JHU student body
Class of 2022
Blue Jays shape up
Published Aug 30, 2018
Class of 2022 comes together for traditional class photo on Keyser Quad
Common read
An activist's history
Published Aug 29, 2018
First-year students read, discuss Jo Ann Gibson Robinson's memoir 'The Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Women Who Started It'
Orientation 2018
Baltimore 101
Published Aug 29, 2018
New students get whirlwind introduction to their new home city on Baltimore Day
Orientation 2018
The science of happiness
Published Aug 28, 2018
Hopkins psychologist Justin Halberda introduces incoming students to the study of happiness, fulfillment, and meaning
Orientation 2018
Wearable tech sparks conversations
Published Aug 28, 2018
PhD candidate introduces Aura Spark bracelet at orientation event for first-year Electrical and Computer Engineering students