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baltimore city

21st Century Cities
Urban policy projects get a lift
Published July 25, 2017
$200K in seed grant funding goes to research on mixed-income neighborhoods, economic inclusion, health and safety
Historian homecoming
Lawrence Jackson named BDP
Published July 25, 2017
Historian, author bridges English, History departments and Center for Africana Studies
A 'core' investment in central Baltimore
Published July 25, 2017
$10M lending fund will support high-impact development in Homewood Community Partners Initiative neighborhoods
Repairing ties
Published July 25, 2017
'The Economist' takes a hard look at the history of Hopkins and Baltimore, Ron Daniels' efforts to renew bond / The Economist
Not in my backyard
Published Spring 2016
Drug treatment center's aren't always welcome neighbors. But do they bring more crime? / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Community Learning
Poetic change agents
Published Winter 2015
When Dora Malech started mentoring a Baltimore City teen, she had no idea they'd be designing a course together / Johns Hopkins Magazine