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STEAM Education
Art with spare parts
Published Jan 31, 2017
11th annual Johns Hopkins art show at Montgomery County campus celebrates budding artists
Art as therapy
Published Jan 20, 2017
Therapeutic Intersession class teaches students that art is 'something you do, not something you make'
Narratives as art
Published Dec 22, 2016
Evergreen exhibit features student-created artist's books, with a contemporary twist
Urban artistry
Published March 29, 2016
Comics artist Ben Katchor on city living, urban sprawl, and art as activism
On diversity in design
Published Nov 18, 2015
Graphic artist Jermaine Bell discusses art, representation, and cultural identity
Junk art
'Synergy' spills onto Beach
Published April 21, 2015
MICA curator plans temporary 'River of Recyclables' as part of MSE Library exhibition