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Summer of discovery
Days at the museum
Published Sept 21, 2017
Hopkins students help search for historical artifacts at site of Homewood Museum excavation project
Ancient ceramics
Mysteries of the Attic
Published Sept 21, 2017
Students re-create ancient Greek ceramics
'Place of discovery'
Published Sept 21, 2017
JHU team continues excavation, conservation efforts at ancient Egyptian burial site
Mine find
Ancient horse, rhino relative unearthed
Published Sept 21, 2017
Fossil found in Indian, dated to more than 50 million years ago sheds light on evolution of 'odd-toed ungulates' / Hopkins Medicine
Archaeological museum receives grant to put its full collection online
Published Sept 21, 2017
More than 10,000 objects will be widely available for teaching and research for the first time
Birds-eye view
Sky-high archaeology
Published Winter 2013
Satellites provide a lay of the land to researchers studying archeological histories. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Drunk history
Imbibe like an Egyptian
Published Sept 21, 2017
JHU expert discusses ritual public drunkenness in Egypt's New Kingdom / Los Angeles Times
Unexpected treasures unearthed
Published Sept 21, 2017
Johns Hopkins students participate in archaeological digs in Egypt / Arts & Sciences Magazine
My life as an Egyptologist
Published Summer 2012
Jacquelyn Williamson offers a glimpse of her work in the field, exploring Egypt's tombs. / Johns Hopkins Magazine