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In memoriam
Anthropologist Jane Guyer dies at 80
Published Jan 22, 2024
A specialist in economic transformations in West Africa, Guyer was celebrated for her theoretical discourse as well as the 'forward motion' she inspired among scholars and her devoted students
Students support environmental justice efforts in South Baltimore
Published April 27, 2023
The yearlong Krieger School course allows students to contribute to ongoing conversations about a healthier and more just future for residents of South Baltimore's Curtis Bay
Lives lost to hostile terrain
Published Nov 15, 2021 Photos
The 3,200 toe tags of the Hostile Terrain 94 art instillation aim to "rehumanize" migrants who have died while crossing the Sonoran Desert
A devastating debut novel
Published Fall 2020
Alum Megha Majumdar's debut novel tackles social status and Hindu nationalism in Kolkota / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Hopkins helps facilitate virtual meeting of the minds
Published April 18, 2018
Anand Pandian discusses the Society for Cultural Anthropology's biennial meeting, which will take place entirely online
An interplanetary anthropologist
Published Jan 26, 2018
In tribute to author Ursula K. Le Guin, who died this week, Anand Pandian finds parallels between her work and his / Anthrodendum
Lucy liked to climb
Published Nov 30, 2016
CT scans of fossil's bones indicate human ancestor spent a significant amount of time in trees
You Are Hear
An immersive installation
Published March 28, 2016
Student installation highlights trademark sounds of Johns Hopkins, Baltimore
In memoriam
Anthropologist Sidney Mintz dies at age 93
Published Dec 29, 2015
Sidney Mintz, co-founder of the Department of Anthropology and a professor emeritus, died Dec. 27
Reel talk
Published Dec 2, 2015
JHU anthropologist Anand Pandian talks about the intersection of film, creativity, and experience in his new book, 'Reel World'