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Wilmer eye institute

Global Health
Hopkins Medicine launches Zika center
Published Aug 24, 2016
Center team will provide comprehensive care to patients with mosquito-borne virus, conduct research
Community partnership
Vision for Baltimore
Published May 10, 2016
Vision for Baltimore includes three-year study of how eyeglasses affect reading skills, academic performance
Inside the Brain Science Institute
Published Spring 2014
Brain Science Institute researchers seek to understand the most fundamental questions about what goes on in our heads. / Johns Hopkins Magazine
Laser danger
You'll shoot your eye out
Published Dec 3, 2013
High-power blue laser toys linked to serious eye damage / Hopkins Medicine
From slums to surgical suite
Published Nov 2013
Physician recounts path from Lebanese ghetto to Wilmer Eye Institute / Gazette
Pickens plans $20M gift
Published Oct 17, 2013 Video
Endowment will support innovative ideas for new research avenues at Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins
My view
Ingenuity at the end of the road
Published Nov 2012
Vision testers improvise in resource-poor countries / Gazette